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2012 Outstanding Website

The NAPA Outstanding Website Awards recognize website designs that promote the use of asphalt and the asphalt industry. Read more about each website in the September/October 2013 edition of Asphalt Pavement magazine.


Superior Paving Corp., Gainesville, Va.

WEB2-SuperiorPavingSuperior Paving Corporation out of Gainesville, Virginia whose website, www.superiorpaving.net, underwent a revamp in September 2012 to more effectively share with its customers and industry partners the company’s culture and mission of building high-quality asphalt roads won the 2012 Outstanding Website Award in the Producer Member category.


The website serves its customers by offering contact and location information. The site’s links for Google Maps is one of the most popular features of the new site.


Superior Paving also has the general public in mind, making them aware of the great strides Superior Paving and the industry takes to make environmentally sound decisions. The site integrates with social media, and the company can quickly add news stories pertinent to the industry. Feedback from both customers and the public has been very positive.


Maryland Paving Inc., Timonium, Md.

Maryland Paving of Timonium redesigned www.marylandpaving.com about one year ago to make the site more attractive and easier for potential customers, current customers, and the public at large to use. At the same time, the company refreshed its branding, including developing a new logo.


Maryland Paving aims to promote awareness about asphalt pavements on its site, and stresses the importance of operational safety and the environmental benefits of asphalt. There’s also a link to new job openings at the company, as well as information about its products.


Reeves Construction Co., Macon, Ga.

Reeves Construction Company out of Macon, Georgia, relaunched its company website, www.reevescc.com, on August 1st of 2012. The site offers users a detailed portrait of Reeves Construction and providing valuable opportunities to learn about the company, its capabilities, safety culture, and history.


One highly used component is an interactive Google Map interface. The map offers instant information about plant and office locations, as well as driving directions to each. This benefits customers and employees alike.


In addition to a project photo gallery that displays current and past projects with detailed information about each job, the Reeves site showcases company news, community involvement, environmental issues, and its award-winning safety video.


An asphalt calculator helps customers and the company sales team compute how much asphalt mix will be needed for a project. From this tool, potential customers can contact a sales manager to discuss prices and options.


Other tabs connect with subsidiaries and partners, as well as social media networks, which both customers and employees follow.


Tilcon New York Inc., an Oldcastle Materials Co., Wharton, N.J.

Tilcon New York, an Oldcastle Materials Company located in Wharton, New Jersey, has a newly revamped website, www.TilconNY.com, which allows customers, local community members, industry partners, and suppliers to access practical, relevant, and timely information about Tilcon New York and asphalt pavements.


Tilcon can update the site in minutes. Emergency messages scroll across the top of the site in a ticker fashion, and news is automatically linked from the site to the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages and vice versa.


The site educates visitors about the aggregate, asphalt, and road construction industries, while promoting a positive brand for Tilcon and the industry as a whole. It does this by showcasing high-profile projects, announcing awards the company has won, and highlighting Tilcon’s environmental, community, and charitable activities.


Gray & Son Inc., Timonium, Md.


WEB12-GraySonGray & Son located in Timonium, Maryland was the winner of the Outstanding Website Award in the Associate Member category. Its goal of promoting the company as a turnkey contractor, compelled Gray & Son to redesigned the website, www.graynson.com, in June 2012. The revamped site showcases the many services Gray & Son provides, the relationship with its sister company, Maryland Paving, and the importance of safety, civic, and environmental awareness. The site also serves to recruit new employees and customers, while acting as a resource tool for current customers and the community.


The company is extremely happy with the new site for its ability to be informative, pleasing to the eye, and easy to use. The site’s content management software allows Gray & Son to easily make changes and updates.


Flexible Pavements of Ohio, Dublin, Ohio


WEB3-FlexiblePavementsOhioWinning the award in the State Asphalt Pavement Association category is Flexible Pavements of Ohio located in Dublin. The association set goals with its website, www.flexiblepavements.org — they wanted to demonstrate the value of asphalt as a pavement, increase market share for asphalt, and ensure the industry’s success by disseminating information. The site includes a robust search functionality, providing users with quick access to the company’s large library of resource materials. In addition, an improved registration system with enhanced data security makes it easier to sign up securely online for association events.


The home page prominently highlights current news and events relevant to Ohio’s asphalt industry. It also boasts improved integration with the association’s social media pages, as well as its member communications, marketing, and advocacy efforts.


Hawaii Asphalt Paving Industry, Honolulu, Hawaii


Launched in November 2012, the Honolulu-based Hawaii Asphalt Paving Industry’s website, www.hawaiiasphalt.org, earned finalist honors. The website aims to inform design consultants, government agencies, home owners, condominium associations, and developers in Hawai‘i about asphalt and pavement treatments.


New features on the relaunched website include HAPI news, local industry news, an archive of the association’s monthly HAPI newsletter, and an archive of articles to the quarterly Local Technical Assistance Program newsletters.


Other updated features are a calendar of events, a library of articles and references, the association’s in-development training program, and a photo gallery.


The site has improved the association’s ability to promote engineering and education in support of the asphalt industry in Hawaii.