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About the Program

The Professor Training Course is an eight-day course, held in June every year, consisting of intensive lectures, laboratory excercises, and discussions to investigate all phases of asphalt technology including:

    Asphalt Cement:
        * crude oil
        * types of asphalt
        * asphalt specifications and new SHRP tests
        * aggregate characteristics
        * quarrying operations
        * processing and blending aggregates for HMA
    Hot Mix Asphalt:
        * desirable HMA properties
        * types of mixes
        * philosophy of mix design
        * mix design methods
        * SHRP tests
        * criteria for selection of a job mix formula
        * mix characterization tests
        * HMA facility operations
        * equipment for production and placement
        * laydown methods
        * compaction methods
        * quality control/quality assurance
    Design and Rehabilitation:
        * design
        * maintenance
        * rehabilitation
        * recycling
Laboratory exercises include asphalt cement characterization tests, aggregate characterization tests, and HMA mix design and analysis.


Each participant is provided a copy of the HMA textbook and other supporting documents. The participant will leave the course with materials needed to teach a course in asphalt technology.

No Fees
All course materials, laboratory supplies, and lectures will be provided at no cost to participants. In addition, eligible participants will receive a stipend to cover some of their costs for housing, food and transportation, provided by funds raised by the NAPA Young Leaders and the NAPA Research and Education Foundation. This stipend will be provided to the eligible participant while attending the course at NCAT.

To be eligible for the stipend provided by the NAPA Young Leaders and the NAPA Research and Education Foundation, applicants must be living and working in the U.S., as college and university professors, instructors at 2-year colleges and trade schools, and graduate civil engineering candidates (M.S. and Ph.D.) interested in teaching. Engineers employed by states or federal government, and instructors from colleges outside the U.S., will also be considered for attendance, but will not be eligible for the stipend.

Number of Participants
The program is limited to a maximum of 30 participants.


Deadline for applications: March 31 each year


Continuing Education
The course will provide 5.2 CEUs or 52 Professional Development Hours.


This course will be conducted at NCAT's research facility in Auburn Technology Park, Auburn, Alabama. Hotel accommodations are close by.


The staff at NCAT will be the primary instructors, but will be assisted by a group of experts from academia and industry. The teaching staff will include:
    Randy C. West, NCAT
    Don Watson, NCAT
    Dr. David Timm, Auburn University
    Tim Vollor, NCAT Lab
    Buzz Powell, NCAT Test Track

To request additional information contact:
Stacie Hunter
National Center for Asphalt Technology
277 Technology Parkway
Auburn, AL 36830

or visit the NCAT website.