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Asphalt Pavement Hall of Fame

The Asphalt Pavement Hall of Fame was established to recognize and honor individuals who have made significant and lasting contributions to the asphalt pavement industry leading to innovations in the production and placement of asphalt pavement, in the usage of asphalt as a paving material, and in the general advancement and recognition of the industry.




 Mike Acott

 Winfred L. Hindermann

 Richard Ahlvin

Francis N. Hveem

 Harry H. Barber

John W. Kelly

 Charles “Duke” Beagle

Ronald D. Kenyon

 Ned W. Bechthold

 Robert B. Lang

 J. Don Brock

 Bruce G. Marshall

 E. Ray Brown

 Barton S. Mitchell

 J.E. “Jess” Buchanan

 Carl L. Monismith

 Clarence B. Cagle

 Ward K. Parr

 Richard L. Davis  Edward T. Perry

Frank M. Drake

 Charles F. Potts

 Jay S. Eaton

 J.M. “Jake” Rubin

 E.J. “Mike” Elliott

Allen Snyder

 Jon A. Epps

 John S. Spangler

 Fred M. Fehsenfeld, Sr.

 Richard R. Stander, Sr.

 Fred N. Finn

 Bill Swisher

 Charles R. Foster

 Marshall R. Thompson

 Don Gallagher

 Robert M. Thompson

 Bob Gallaway

 Willard J. Turnbull

John Gray

 W.H. “Harry” Vanderlinden, Jr.

William B. Greene

 Ronald M. White

 Sheldon G. Hayes

 Roger L. Yarbrough

Clifford J. Heath