2011 Ecological Awards

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NAPA’s Ecological Award competition, which started in 1971, recognizes excellence in asphalt facility operations.  NAPA selects the award recipients using rigorous criteria to evaluate the environmental friendliness of their operations.


Baker Infrastructure Group, a division of Reeves Construction Corp.
Garden City, Ga.

BakerThe Garden City Plant uses best management practices to prevent fugitive dust and to help control rainwater runoff from the site.  The winning plant has been located at the site for three years. The facility is installing equipment that will allow it to produce warm-mix asphalt, which will help save fuel and reduce emissions.

The facility is located near many canals and drainage basins which drain to the Savannah River, so Baker Infrastructure pays very close attention to stormwater.

They have demonstrated that they are good stewards of the environment. 


Payne & Dolan
Franklin, Wis.

Payne & DolanControl 7 recently received the Environmental Leadership Award, sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the Wisconsin Asphalt Pavement Association and a variety of local government associations. The award recognizes exceptional asphalt pavement plants that have the most environmentally-friendly and community-oriented operations.

The Franklin branch of Payne and Dolan conducts facility tours for youth groups and community members in order to educate community members about the asphalt industry.

Payne & Dolan Inc.
Jackson, Wis.

Located at its present site for two years, Control 15 is an environmentally friendly and well-managed property.  Payne and Dolan work hard to be good neighbors and advise the community in advance of any nighttime activity to limit any inconveniences.   They have received an Environmental Leadership award from Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. 


White Brothers, a division of The Lane Construction Corp.
Westbrook, Maine

The Westbrook 74 plant opened in early 2010. When designing the site, White Brothers made it a priority to include environmental features such as a fuel transfer containment area and vegetated buffers along the road and in front of the primary containment area. This adds a natural look to the site. 

The company also actively participates in the community by hosting plant tours and fundraisers in order to give back to the community.


Barriere Construction Co. LLC
Franklinton, La.

Set on approximately 63 acres of land. The facility produces both hot-mix and warm-mix asphalt.

Barriere has planted trees and shrubbery for natural dust suppression and they have on-site retention ponds to catch any spilled water or water runoff through filter beds. When water leaves the property it is clean.

Barriere also participates in community activities, including walks for diabetes and donations of materials and labor to repave parking lots. 


Payne & Dolan
Muskego, Wis.

Control 12 plant has been operating for more than twelve years and produces both hot-mix and warm-mix asphalt. The plant uses recycled asphalt pavement, asphalt millings and recycled asphalt shingles in its mixes, cutting the amount of virgin products required for asphalt production by about 20 percent.

The company is a conscientious neighbor. They have a dedicated street sweeper wash its driveway and the adjacent road daily. The facility welcomes neighbors’ questions and requests for tours and even offers free sand for neighborhood sandboxes. Local rescue squads use the site for dive and water rescue training.

Company representatives meet regularly with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources staff and with the environmental committee of the Wisconsin Transportation Builders Association to pro-actively resolve any potential community environmental concerns.