2017 Sample Nomination Forms


The 2017 NAPA Awards Program is under way! Deadlines are October 5 for the Quality in Construction Awards and November 30 for the Operational Excellence Awards (Safety Innovation, Brochure, Community Involvement, Ecological, and Website).

Online nominations are being accepted, so get started preparing your forms. All forms should be submitted online. Click on the links below to obtain a sample of the online forms.


2011 Sheldon G. Hayes Winner

SAMPLE FORM: Quality in Construction Awards — General Paving: All pavements using less than 50,000 tons of asphalt and achieving exemplary results will receive recognition.  All pavements — roads, highways, commercial, parking lots - are eligible. Use this form for general paving projects. The Larry H. Lemon Quality in Construction Award will be given to the top 10 general paving projects as rated by NCAT.


SAMPLE FORM: Quality in Construction Awards — Projects Over 50,000 Tons: All pavements of exemplary quality utilizing more than 50,000 tons will receive recognition.  Highway projects over 50,000 tons and earning a 2017 Quality in Construction Award are eligible for the 2018 Sheldon G. Hayes Award.

SAMPLE FORM: Quality in Construction - Airports Awards: All pavements identified to have achieved exemplary quality will receive recognition. All airport pavements are eligible. The Ray Brown Airport Pavement Award will be presented to the highest-rated pavement from the 2017 Quality in Construction for Airport Pavement Award program.


2011 Community

SAMPLE FORM: Asphalt Operations Safety Innovations: This award recognizes safety practices that are above and beyond normal safety practices.  Innovations can be items/practices invented for a specialized use or items/practices that are adapted from other industries and implemented by the asphalt pavement industry. Awards go to companies whose objective is to utilize innovative ideas or practical methods that lead to improved worker safety in roadway, plant site, or the quarry environment. The award is open to all NAPA members, including International members. Note: The safety innovation/practice being nominated must be in use at the submitting company and the innovation must be relevant to the asphalt pavement industry. 

SAMPLE FORM: Outstanding Brochure: This NAPA Award recognizes outstanding company brochures, flyers, leaflets, or pamphlets published to promote the asphalt industry. The award is open to NAPA Producer and Associate members as well as State Asphalt Pavement Associations.

SAMPLE FORM: Community Involvement: The Community Involvement Award is given to companies who have outstanding community relations programs.  This award is open to NAPA Producer and Associate members.

SAMPLE FORM: Ecological Award: Ecological Awards recognize asphalt production facilities that best demonstrate safe and responsible environmental practices.  Facilities are judged on their design layout, clean operation, maintenance performance practices, and community activities. The NAPA Ecological Awards are open to all NAPA Producer members. The plant must have received a current year Diamond Achievement Commendation or Diamond Achievement Sustainable Commendation.

SAMPLE FORM: Outstanding Website: NAPA's Website Award recognizes websites that promote the use of asphalt and the asphalt industry. NAPA's Website Award is open to all NAPA Producer members, NAPA Associate members and State Asphalt Pavement Associations. Companies that have previously won a NAPA Outstanding Website Award are ineligible to re-enter the competition for four years, unless the website has been completely revamped.



For questions or additional information contact, Kelly Kanaras, Associate Director of Member Programs.