Want to Become an Endowment Donor?

What is Planned Giving?

 Giving is a way to express your appreciation, concern, and selflessness.  All around us are examples of people who cared so much about something that they gave toward improving and promoting its benefits and growth.  Some give to causes, others to institutions.  At some time or another, we have all benefited from the giving of others.


Giving makes a difference in the lives of others, whether it's a student receiving a much-needed scholarship or society benefiting from technology made possible by research.


Planned giving is considering what your long term vision is, and then planning how you can make a difference through giving.  It is simply an arrangement under which an individual or organization agrees to contribute a gift towards a particular purpose.


With careful planning, you can generate tax-saving deductions, avoid capital-gain tax, and maintain or even increase income benefits for yourself and/or others while making a substantial contribution to something you care about.


How Can Planned Giving Benefit the HMA Industry?

As a result of planned giving to the NAPA Research and Education Foundation (NAPAREF), practical research leading to important new technologies is being performed.  And the quality of HMA pavements is continuously being improved.


Research at NCAT has resulted in:

All of the above was made possible by individuals who chose a path toward supporting the continuous improvement of Hot Mix Asphalt technology.  You too can choose that path.


How Can You Take Part in Planned Giving?

The following are types of assets that may be given:

In addition to the many different types of assets that may be considered for donation, there are just as many potential methods of giving:

Choose to give toward research and education.  For more information on planned giving opportunitites, contact the NAPAREF office at 888-468-6499.