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One of the keys to quality is a well-trained workforce. With proper training and education, workers know how to get the job done right and even experienced workers benefit from the chance to learn about new techniques, technologies, and evolving best practices. Training can help reduce overall costs, improve safety, and enhance employee retention.


NAPA is the source for training courses and tools that are specific to the asphalt pavement industry.


The NAPA webinar program includes educational programming covering a wide range of topics from engineering and materials technologies to environmental and health and safety issues, marketing, and industry news. Past webinars are archived for on-demand access. Click here to visit the NAPA webinar page.


The People, Plants & Paving Training Sessions are part of the World of Asphalt Show and Conference. “People” sessions focus on the skills needed to manage and coach personnel to their maximum performance. “Plants” sessions teach how to evaluate and improve plant performance. “Paving” sessions impart techniques for constructing safe, smooth, high-quality pavements. In addition, targeted programs for small contractors and for executives of large companies are offered.


Beyond Compliance: Achieving EH&S Excellence is also part of the World of Asphalt Show and Conference. This conference focuses on issues related to environment, health, and safety at asphalt plants and paving sites. It provides practical, timely, and relevant information on managing current hazards and risks in the asphalt pavement industry.


The NAPA Online Store is your ticket to online training, videos, CD, toolbox talks, and training aids of all kinds. Visit store.asphaltpavement.org


In addition to NAPA’s training opportunities, many other companies offer training courses.


Road Institute logo


The Road Institute offers hands-on training for pavers, compactors, graders, and other equipment used for asphalt paving.


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 Pavia Systems offers online certification and training. Access to asphalt-specific training is through the NAPA Online Store.



Additional training options are listed in the NAPA Buyer’s Guide.

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