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Pavement Design

Highway users have an increased awareness of pavement quality. To help agencies and contractors meet the demand for high-quality pavements, NAPA's Asphalt Pavement magazine regularly provides articles that directly address issues such as mix type selection and statistical specifications.


PaveXpress is a free, Web-based tool for the structural design of flexible and rigid pavements using the AASHTO 93/98 Supplement Design Guide. It supports pavements of all traffic levels, and includes modules for designing asphalt overlays, materials costing, layered elastic analysis, and more. For more information or to try PaveXpress, visit www.pavexpressdesign.com


PaveInstruct provides free, on-demand training videos to aid in learning how to get the most out of PaveXpress. It also provides an overview of pavement design using AASHTO 93/98.