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2019 Ray Brown Airport Pavement Award

The Ray Brown Airport Pavement Award is given to the highest-rated Quality in Construction — Airport Pavement .  The award is named after Ray Brown, who was the Director of the National Center for Asphalt Technology from 1991 until his retirement in 2007.  Under his leadership, NCAT became the preeminent organization for asphalt pavement research. 



Preferred Materials Inc., A CRH Co.

Jacksonville, Fla.

Ray Brown 1Preferred Materials Inc, A CRH Co., of Jacksonville, Florida received the Ray Brown Pavement Award, presented by NAPA, for work on Herlong Recreational Airport Runway 11-29 and Taxiways C and D.


Preferred Materials milled the existing asphalt to the limerock base and reworked the existing limerock; which included the addition of new limerock, to obtain the required elevations. Two 2-inch lifts of P-401 asphalt mix were placed for a total of 15,168 tons. To obtain exceptional compaction and bonding of the joints, a joint heater was attached to the paver on the side of the adjoining mat and the edge of the previously placed mat was heated, which allowed sufficient bonding and compaction of the joints.