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Inducted January 2010

Barton S. Mitchell

Barton S. Mitchell is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, where he graduated from McDonogh School in 1958. he graduated in 1962 from Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Virginia, and then served in the United States Coast Guard Reserve. His next stop was E. Stewart Mitchell, Inc., the asphalt business, as his father would take him to job sites. Particularly memorable was Friendship Airport, now Marshall Baltimore-Washington International, where eight-year-old Bart learned to drive by spending large chunks of days driving his father's Cadillac on the runways that were still under construction.


Mr. Mitchell was involved with his father's firm, The Bituminous Construction Co., which was an innovator in both paving practices and plant operations. The company was sold in 1980. In 1976, Mr. Mitchell and his partners founded Superior Paving Corp. in Centreville, Va. Their initial plant was the second drum mix plant in Virginia. It was an early leader in employing significant recycling as part of its operation.


Mr. Mitchell became involved with the National Asphalt Pavement Association in the 1960s and was quick to take on leadership roles. His early involvement in NAPA included being Chairman of the Public Relations Committee (now Marketing). He became Secretary of NAPA in 1968, has been a Board Member since and a member of the Executive Committee for the most of that time. In 1981, he served as Chairman of NAPA.


Even after his term as Chairman, Mr. Mitchell continued to be very active in NAPA. In addition to the Executive Committee, he was a longtime member of the Dues, Finance, and Audit Committee. He served several terms as Chairman of the Council of Past Presidents and Chairman. His company donated generously to the NAPA Research and Education Foundation and established scholarships for college students. He was recognized as NAPA's Man of the Year in 1996.


Perhaps Mr. Mitchell's most significant contribution to the industry has been his leadership on the asphalt fume issue. When the issue was raised in the early 1990s, Mr. Mitchell became convinced that the fumes from paving asphalt did not cause long-term health effects. As a Co-Chair of the industry's Environmental Survival Fund, and as a member of other task groups, he suppoorted the development of engineering controls on pavers. He has championed the effort to finance and carry out numerous scientific studies that have validated NAPA's stance on paving asphalt. He has consistently advocated placing the health and safetyof workers at the very top of the industry's priorities. Transparency and trust have always guided his actions. At the time of his induction into the Hall of Fame, a number of studies by top universities and scientific institutions on aspects of this issue are being reported, and all are showing what Mr. Mitchell always believed: fumes from asphalt paving operations do not cause cancer.


The Hot-Mix Asphalt Hall of Fame recognizes Barton S. Mitchell for contributions that have had an exceptional impact on the asphalt industry. He has been a nationally recognized industry leader for decades. Throughout his long career, Mr. Mitchell has had an influence on every aspect of the asphalt industry. His passion, intelligence, wisdom, and leadership leave a lasting legace to others in the asphalt industry.