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February 2007

Fred N. Finn


The Hot-Mix Asphalt Hall of Fame recognizes Fred N. Finn for contributions that have had an exceptional impact on the advancement of the hot-mix asphalt industry. Mr. Finn's career spans 60 years service to the engineering profession, and particularly the transportation area, as a consultant, professor, research engineer, and top-level manager abd administrator. In each capacity of his career, he aided the profession and the hot-mix asphalt industry in engineering developments and achievements that have contributed to the success of our industry today.


His first experience with asphalt paving began in 1945 as a member of the 125th Naval Construction Battalion on Okinawa. One of his assignments was the construction of an at Yonabaru, where the battalion was ordered to surface the field with an asphalt mixture using coral as aggregate and asphalt emulsion as a binder.


He was recalled in 1951 and assigned to the design to the design and construction of airfields in California, Arizona, and Nevada, and went on to pursue that area, which led to a successful career in that field.


Mr. Finn has not only been a pioneer in the development of improved methodologies for asphalt concrete pavement design, but also is one of the truly outstanding engineers in the world in the field of pavement management. He played a major role in the development of this area in the U.S. Through his efforts the State of Washington was one of the first highway departments to develop a workable pavement management system.


In addition to his naval career, Mr. Finn lecutred and worked as a research engineer at the University of California Berkeley, worked in various positions as engineer for the Asphalt Institute, served for a number of years as consultant to the Government of Saudi Arabia through the World Bank to assist that country in the development of a highway maintenance management system for the entire country, and made substantial contributions to the Strategic Highway Research Program.