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Elected July 2005

Marshall R. Thompson


Professor Marshall Thompson received his B.s., M.S. and Ph.D from the University of Illinois in Urbana. After receiving his doctorate in 1964, he immediately joined the facility there. He was promoted to the rank of professor in 1970. 


Professor Thompson has made many significant contributions to the Hot Mix Asphalt industry. He pioneered the use of agricultural soil surveys as a tool for evaluating pavement subgrade and published the first definitive articles on the advantages of lime-modified subgrades.


Professor Thompson served as the Team leader for NCHRP 1026 (Calibrated Mechanistic Structural Analysis Procedures for Pavements) which produced a platform for the nation's transition to mechanistic design. He subsequently developed the first mechanistically based thickness design adopted by a state highway agence (Illinois).


Professor Thompson published numerous articles and lectured across the country on the advantages of, and proper techniques for, rubblizing rigid pavements. His efforts rapidly advanced rubblizing from the experimental stage to a mainstream rehabilization option.


Professor Thompson recognized the significance of the 70 microstrain fatigue limit and its connection to the Perpetual Pavement concept. He has been a passionate leader in the HMA industry - publishing nearly 200 technical journal papers, bulletins, and research reports - and turning out scores of graduate students armed with his knowledge.