Elected September 1994

Fred M. Fehsenfeld, Sr.

A much-decorated World War II fighter pilot (Silver Star, Air Medal and three Silver Clusters), Mr. Fehsenfeld graduated from Purdue University, Lafayette, IN in 1948 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Following graduation, he joined the Rock Island Refining Corporation and, since 1952, has served in numerous positions and has been Chief Executive Officer for 29 corporations and partnerships of the Heritage Group, most of which involve petroleum manufacturing, refining and marketing; aggregate production; construction (heavy and highway); research of both petroleum and electronics; environmental treatment of hazardous waste; engineering and construction in environmental applications; and trucking transportation.


Throughout his career, Mr. Fehsnefeld has been an outstanding advocate for the improvement of Hot Mix Asphalt technology that has led to higher quality, better performing asphalt pavements, and has given generously of his personal time and resources on behalf of the Hot Mix Asphalt Industry and the betterment of its products.


He plays a leadershop role in the establishment of the National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT), located at Auburn University, serving in 1988 on the NCAT Board of Directors. In 1987-88 he served as Treasurer of the NAPA Research & Education Foundation Board of Trustees, the organization instrumental in the founding of NCAT.


Mr. Fehsenfeld has been very active in the affairs of the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA), serving on a number of committees and task forces, including, among others, the Quality Improvement Committee, and the Engineering Controls Task Force. He has also played an active role in the Asphalt Institute, serving as Chairman in 1988-89. Through his work with NAPA and the Asphalt Institute, he has been a strong proponent of, and made significant contributions to, a better understanding of asphalt environmental and health issues.


He has also been active in the affairs of other national organizations, including the Transportation Research Board, the National Center for Asphalt Technology, National Petroleum Refiners Association, National Oil Jobbers Association, and Association of Asphalt Paving Technologists, and has prepared a number of technical papers/ reports for these groups. He has also served as President and Director of the Indiana Petroleum Marketing Association, as President of the Oil Heat Institute of Indiana, as a Director of the Indiana Constructors, and as a Director of the Build Indiana Council. He has also participated in a number of civic activities, including organization of the Indianapolis Department of Transportation in the 1970s for Mayor Richard Lugar, and later serving as Subcommittee Chairman under Mayor Hudnut on the Department's PEPPER (Puplic Entrepreneurship, Productivity, Privatization, Efficiency & Restructuring) Committee.