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Elected January 1986

Allen Snyder


President of his own construction firm in Garwood, New Jersey, Mr. Snyder and his firm were early leaders in the development of paved roads and the roadway paving industry in the northeast area of the country. During World War I, Mr. Snder built roads for the Army Air Corps and his later participated in the construction of one of the world's most heavily travelled roadways, and outstanding examples of Hot Mix Asphalt construction, the New Jersey Turnpike.


A founding member of the National Bituminous Concrete Association, he was elected to serve as Secretary-Treasurer from the Association's incorporation in 1955 until 1959, when the positions were seperated. He then was elected Treasurer each year until his retirement from active participation in his construction firm in 1973. In all, Mr. Snyder served 18 years as an elected national officer in the Association, most in the Association's history.


During those 18 years, he also served on many of the Association's committees, including service as Chairman of the Quality Improvement Committee which drafted the Association's original 10-point Quality Improvement Program. In 1973, Mr. Snyder received the Industry Recognition Award of the National Asphalt Pavement Association and is one of only five members elected to Life Membership in the Association.