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Elected January 1986

J.M. "Jake" Rubin


Active in the construction industry for over 50 years, Mr. Rubin founded his own firm in 1946 in Florida, where it became recognized for its pioneering work on Hot Mix Asphalt pavement projects. He was a founding member of the National Bituminous Concrete Association and over the years was a strong supporter of the Association and in promoting the advantages of Hot Mix Asphalt for the pavement construction.


Mr. Rubin also was instrumental in introducing a number of paving industry innovations, including removing filler dust from asphalt mixes, raising asphalt cement penetration to 85 to permit the use of "softer" asphalts, use of spreader boxes in pavement construction, use of steel forms and finishing machines, first to use a finishing machine for curbs and gutters on a Federal-aid project in Mississippi, and the first to use ready-mix concrete on a project in Mobile, Alabama.


Mr. Rubin always subscribed to the concept of quality construction and was a strong supporter of the Quality Improvement Program developed by the National Bituminous Concrete Association. He is a known philanthropist and supports many charitable and institional programs in the United States.