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2017 Outstanding Website

The NAPA Outstanding Website Awards recognize website designs that promote the use of asphalt and the asphalt industry. Read more about each website in the July/August 2018 edition of Asphalt Pavement magazine.


Asphalt Contractors Association of Florida
Tallahassee, Fla.

"Our website, www.FloridaRidesonUs.org, was dated, and we wanted to clean it up. I think all websites have a lifespan, and our website was ready for an overhaul," ACAF Executive Director Jim Warren said. "We designed the new ACAF 1website to be clean, simple, and easier to maneuver than the old website."


For the membership, the new website needed to allow members to find information quickly and easily. "On the old website, it was harder to find the information," Warren said. "If our members can't find the information, it can't help them."

The new website is a major reorganization that simplifies the number of tabs across the top of the front page. The Resource tab leads to information on the website that is useful to the membership, such as Florida Asphalt magazine, job opportunities, work zone safety info, minutes and presentations from ACAF's Flexible Pavement Committee, and Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) quality control-related materials.


The Learning Center tab was created to showcase educational materials, applications, and software-based products. It provides information useful to ACAF membership, the general public, and public and agency road owners. It includes an Asphalt 101 section; a section that illustrates the process oil from the earth goes through before it becomes liquid asphalt as a binder to construct pavement; a section on apps and programs that help ACAF members with an asphalt production app and the MultiCool app to predict pavement cooling during the paving process; links to Asphalt Pavement Alliance marketing materials; a section on balancing production rates and links to helpful resources; ACAF videos and resources; the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Construction Training Qualification Program; Best Practices; and Other Information.


Gerken Materials Inc.
Napoleon, Ohio


Gerken 1In 2016, Gerken created a Marketing Task Force to determine a consistent brand appearance used for logos and for the website, www.gerkencompanies.com," Gerken Paving Area Manager – Central Division Jason Baden said. "We wanted our website to be a 'showpiece.' The work led us to create a new website to go along with our new branding strategy."


The objectives of the new website are to strengthen Gerken's brand awareness with its target audiences by emphasizing the company's capabilities and values through its photos, videos, and page content. These objectives focus on Gerken's commitment to excellence, quality service and products; its continuous commitment to safety and quality; and the pride of its employees and are conveyed through rotating slide shows. These slide show decks of sharp photography and videos consistently carry through Gerken's key messages.


"We stress safety and quality as our foundation for success," Baden said. "We also highlight our high-quality service and attribute it in part to our staying on the leading edge of industry standards and methods."


In the Services section, the company's high-quality service is illustrated through a full menu of services that describe asphalt paving, production, aggregate, trucking, milling & grinding, quality control & testing, construction, traffic control, and decorative asphalt. On the asphalt production page, Gerken proudly displays the Diamond Achievement Sustainable logo recognizing the company's sustainable operations.


The Project Portfolio section uses the slide show deck feature to highlight a handful of beautifully composed project photos, as well as projects that have won awards. The images show Gerken's ability to manage large tonnage turnpike projects as well as execute the finer details and handwork necessary for tight projects.


The About Us section speaks to Gerken's current and potential employees, as well as to road owners and agencies. The company's values are on display in its website pages on safety, awards, professional associations, community support, the I Build America page, and the employment opportunities page. The I Build America page also provides resources that teachers, advisors, and guidance counselors can use to help teach students about the many different careers possible in construction and how those careers should be a source of pride because these workers are building our country.


New Jersey Asphalt Pavement Association
Ewing, N.J.


"The purpose of the NJAPA website, www.njapa.com, is to promote the broadest application of hot-mix asphalt throughout New Jersey," NJAPA Technical Director James Purcell said. "It accomplishes this by providing our members with the tools to promote asphalt NJAPA 1products, with factual information for the public, and with detailed technical information for the owners and engineers responsible for roadway and pavement assets."


The website is a gateway to all issues regarding asphalt pavement in New Jersey and is flexible enough to allow for changes in targeted issues. Under the "Why Asphalt?" section of the website, the benefits of asphalt, such as its cost effectiveness, noise reduction, long life, safety, smoothness, speed of construction, and sustainability are explained. It is an educational resource for members of the NJAPA, the general public, government agencies, owners of pavement assets, and the engineering community. These same groups can request an on-site presentation on a wide range of technical topics, and asphalt pavement industry innovations and projects.


The website currently tackles an important issue for NJAPA members: thin asphalt overlays for pavement preservation. The website is a repository for tools to market thinlays as a choice in pavement preservation. There is a Benefits of Thinlays toolkit, a brief providing NJAPA positions on thinlays and pavement preservation, a pavement preservation white paper, an FAQ on pavement preservation, a pavement preservation benefits card, a Tech Brief on long-term pavement preservation and maintenance of flexible pavements, and a brochure that can be ordered for professional prints or downloaded for quick prints. These documents provide members with marketing materials and also provide website visitors with factual information about pavement preservation and what techniques should be used under different circumstances. Interested visitors may also request an in-person presentation on thinlays and pavement preservation by completing a form on the website.


The redesigned website is also much easier for the general public to navigate. "When I get a call from someone asking if NJAPA can recommend a contractor to pave their driveway, I can point them to our membership list and suggest that they call members located near them and ask for paving contractor recommendations. After all, they are in a better position to know who is good," said Purcell.