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2016 Oustanding Brochure

This award goes to outstanding company brochures published to promote the asphalt industry.  Read more about this outstanding brochure in the July/August 2017edition of Asphalt Pavement


Gallagher Asphalt Corp.
Thornton, Ill.

Gallagher Asphalt Corp. created its company brochure to underscore that it is the only asphalt pavement contractor in Illinois to receive all three applicable Diamond Commendations — Diamond Achievement, Quality, and Paving. The Diamond 2016-BR - Gallagher - 1Commendations are self-assessments that recognize the use of best practices in operations at the asphalt plant, in the asphalt lab, and on the paving crew. The brochure explains how and why companies get the commendations.


"We felt like this was an opportunity to communicate our point of difference in the market," said company Vice President Patrick Gallagher. "It's just a matter of time before there's another contractor that can make the same claim. Until then, we are the only ones."

The brochure travels with project managers when they meet prospective customers and is used by Gallagher's retail sales people. It is a way to differentiate Gallagher from other producers.


"For so many of those retail customers that are price sensitive, we want them to understand that there's more to a company than being the lowest price. We are more quality conscious and service-oriented," Gallagher said. "The goal of the brochure is to communicate to potential customers that Gallagher delivers peace of mind. "It's about trust and reputation with the customers; not just price.