2016 Asphalt Operations Safety Innovations

This award recognizes companies that develop innovative ideas or achieve practical outcomes leading to improved worker safety in a roadway, plant site or quarry environment, and whose safety practices are above and beyond normal safety practices. Congratulations to NAPA's 2016 award recipients.  Read more about each safety innovation in the July/August 2017 edition of Asphalt Pavement.


Lakeside Industries Inc.
Issaquah, Wash.
The Super Bowl of Safety

Lakeside Industries Inc. created the Super Bowl of Safety to make safety fun. The intra-company competition generates excitement and reinforces the company's safety culture, creating awareness, accountability, and performance 2016 SAF Lakeside - Super Bowl of Safety 2improvements.


"What makes the Super Bowl of Safety innovative is the way it leverages our commitment to make safety meetings more engaging and meaningful by being interactive and focusing on solving problems," Lakeside Industries Director of Risk Management Cal Beyer said. "The Super Bowl of Safety incorporates real safety issues faced when working with hot-mix asphalt production and paving."

At each divisional safety meeting, groups of employees with diverse backgrounds and different jobs are organized into teams. After the first round of questions in the Super Bowl of Safety, divisions continue to compete in a round of more challenging questions before the top scoring divisions ascend for a final round to determine the year's Super Bowl Safety Champions. Winners earn bragging rights, a traveling trophy, an announcement in the company newsletter, and recognition at the annual Safety Awards Brunch.


"Our first Super Bowl of Safety in 2015 exceeded our expectations at being able to create an organizational "buzz" for safety. It was quickly embraced and gained momentum as the event took on a life of its own," Beyer said. "The buzz continued over the winter off-season and when employees returned for the 2016 season, they asked if there was going to be another Super Bowl of Safety."


The three-part competition includes questions ranging from basic safety best practices, including communications, structure and process, execution, and environmental management; and the nine areas of safety accountability including the number of safety meetings held and the quality of the discussion topics and actions/solutions instituted.


The Super Bowl of Safety has capitalized on Lakeside Industries' strategic expansion of the company's safety management accountability culture. "It made our safety program more engaging for our employees, and they have responded accordingly with appreciation and a willingness to change attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors toward safety improvements," said Beyer.


Payne & Dolan
Waukesha, Wis.
Mobile App

Payne & Dolan Inc. developed a mobile app to deliver safety resources to employees in the office and on the job site. Foremen can access various safety forms, documents and other resources; safety-related reports can be filed by crew 2017-SAF-PD MobileAppmembers; and relevant safety-related topics and news can be pushed out to employees.


"The mobile app provides an updated perspective on safety attitudes allowing employees to 'bring' safety with them on their mobile devices," Payne & Dolan Safety Manager Michael Del Fava said. "It spreads the safety message and keeps safety at the forefront of our collective work mentality."


The mobile app has eight specific features. "Daily Huddle" allows foremen to document what was discussed during the daily huddle. "Near Miss" has a form that any employee can use to submit a near-miss occurrence to Payne & Dolan. "Meeting Topics" is a library of toolbox talk PDFs foremen can use as part of the daily safety meeting. "Claims" provides one-touch dialing to the company's claims line for calling in incidents and near misses. "Safety Alerts" is a blog where Payne & Dolan posts current safety information specific to its crews. "SDS" links to the company's online database of chemical safety data sheets (SDS), providing easy access to the latest information about chemicals on the jobsite. "Safety Update Videos" displays videos created in-house by Payne & Dolan's safety department on pertinent topics. "Push Notification" allows the company to send out a notice to crews or a specific crew based on their GPS location.


"The mobile safety app allows us to spread important, significant information to our whole organization quickly," Del Fava said.