2016 Ray Brown Airport Pavement Award

The Ray Brown Airport Pavement Award is given to the highest-rated Quality in Construction — Airport Pavement .  The award is named after Ray Brown, who was the Director of the National Center for Asphalt Technology from 1991 until his retirement in 2007.  Under his leadership, NCAT became the preeminent organization for asphalt pavement research. 




Wiregrass Construction Co. Inc. 

Pelham, Ala.



Wiregrass Construction Co. Inc. won the award for its work on the Bessemer Airport Taxiway Rehabilitation and Terminal Apron Rehabilitation Phase II project in Bessemer, Ala.QA13 Wiregrass Bessemer 1


The existing pavement had "alligatored" to the point that it was showing the tell-tale symptoms of fatigue cracking due to age, heavy use, and normal wear-and-tear. The project started in the spring of 2016, with the Bessemer Airport Authority asking for a complete rehabilitation of the airport’s apron, taxiway areas and airport hangars.


“It was very deteriorated,” said Mike Collins, Airport Manager with the Bessemer Airport Authority. “The surface was coming up and it had surface cracks all throughout it. It was the original pavement, about 20-25 years old.”


The area was milled 1 ½ inches and replaced with a 19mm P401 surface course, required by the Federal Aviation Administration, for a total of 2,530 tons of asphalt used on the project.


Wiregrass Construction worked with the Bessemer Airport Authority to complete the work in sections, so only certain taxiways would be closed at any given time, Collins said.


Wiregrass Construction repaired numerous joints and cracks in the taxiway and surrounding area, and then added crack sealant to affected areas.


Bryant said both his company and the airport authority are pleased with the final product.


“We were able to vastly improve both the taxi apron and the taxi area of the airport,” Bryant said. “All the parties were completely satisfied with the joint work and getting those rehabilitated and back in working order.”


He said Wiregrass Construction was completely successful with its most worrisome task – to diminish the risk to aircraft during the rehabilitation work.