2014 Community Involvement

NAPA presents its Community Involvement Award to asphalt companies that serve their communities through outstanding programs and projects.  Congratulations to the 2014 Community Involvement recipients! Read more about each community relations program in the September/October 2015 edition of Asphalt Pavement magazine. Jump to information on award winner: Pennsy Supply Inc., an Oldcastle Materials Co. or finalists: Barrett Paving Materials; Silver Star Construction Co.; and Tilcon New York, an Oldcastle Materials Co.


CI5-Newville Field TripWINNER
Pennsy Supply Inc., an Oldcastle Co.
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Oftentimes community involvement projects fall into the lap of asphalt companies when it becomes apparent that a great need exists, and the company is happy to help.

Pennsy Supply Inc., an Oldcastle Co., said this game plan worked successfully for many years, and it continues to this day. The company recently decided, however, to change course with one of its community outreach projects by actively seeking to identify one local non-profit organization that needed help and then take that group in under its wings.

Pennsy Supply identified CATRA, Capital Area Therapeutic Riding Association Inc., as an organization to help in an all-encompassing manner and enlisted its many willing employees.

“We looked for an opportunity where not only do folks need help, but they’re not getting help from national organizations for its local community effort,” said Mark Snyder, President of Pennsy Supply Inc., and Mid-Atlantic Regional President for Oldcastle Materials Inc.

“The bottom line is we like to see our employees actively engaged rather than us just writing a check,” Snyder said. “Anybody can write a check, but very often people are looking for more than that. They’re looking for volunteers, people to actually get the boots on the ground.”

Dawn Darkes, Snyder’s Executive Administrative Assistant, said that Pennsy Supply was able to “wrap our arms” around CATRA, which offers therapeutic horseback riding to both adults and children with disabilities. Help was in the form of financial aid and a multitude of specific projects throughout their partnership.

“It became a fully integrated relationship,” Darkes said. “They in turn let everyone know Pennsy Supply was active in their community and active in their world. It really was a neat experience.”

“Giving back to the community allows the at-large public to be aware of Pennsy Supply,” Snyder said. “It definitely has a very positive impact on the image of the company. Our entire business is based on our reputation. It’s something we’re proud of here at Pennsy Supply —our reputation in the community and in our business community as well.”

Throughout the 2013-2014 relationship, Snyder said one of Pennsy Supply’s mechanics was able to fix a CATRA tractor that hadn’t worked in years. Other improvements to the facilities included regularly scheduled employees and family work teams offering four-hour shifts of volunteer labor and maintenance on the CATRA farm, as well as providing asphalt to be used around the property.

The main project involved stoning in a building pad for a pole building and paving two separate parking areas. The smooth paved lot was a great improvement over the stones where CATRA loaded and unloaded those in wheelchairs into and out of the vans.

“We made repairs on the barn and even shoveled manure,” Snyder said.

Pennsy Supply was also able to help grow CATRA’s largest fundraiser, Miles for Smiles, a motorcycle fundraising event.

“Pennsy Supply has a large number of motorcycle riders,” Darkes said. “We were able to inspire some of those folks to participate in the ride and integrate it into this organization.”

Another local event Pennsy Supply was involved in the past two years is “Old Annville Day/ Millard History Day.” The company opened up the Millard Quarry, which has a long-standing history with the community dating back to the late 1800s. The quarry was the featured site of a Friends of Old Annville event, with tours of the quarry, a presentation of historic slides, and a presenter’s booth set up throughout the fair.

Darkes said that these tours alleviated much of the local mystique surrounding the quarry and allowed those with ancestors who had worked at the quarry to relive memories and actively see what takes place there today.

“It’s hard to know in terms of dollars the value added, but it certainly translated into an immeasurable amount of community good will,” Darkes said.

Last year Pennsy Supply also supported Rockman, its educational outreach to the community’s youth, and donated 3,650 pounds of food and $600 to the local food bank collection. Their sponsorship and involvement in the “Paint the Park Pink” program at the nearby semi-pro baseball park allowed them to support a major fundraiser to aid breast cancer awareness.

“So through word of mouth reputation you get recognition in newspapers, radio, television — it’s a very local community here,” Snyder said. “It goes a long way.”


Barrett Paving Materials Inc.
Watertown, New York

Barrett Paving Class Trip-NorwoodThe local community for Barrett Paving Materials Inc. is centered around three counties in upstate New York — Jefferson, St. Lawrence and Lewis — but its outreach touches on at least five additional counties in the region.

Neil Dicob, Regional Manager for Barrett Paving Materials, said the company’s main goal is to be a good neighbor, especially where its plants are located and their surrounding borders.

“Within those communities, we try to do as much as we can to make sure people know who we are , what we do, and how we can help throughout the community,” Dicob said.

The company’s community involvement program, “The Road to a Better Community,” assists at least 35 different programs or activities each year — either financially or through donation of time, talent, and materials. These include the North County Festival of Trees, the New York North Region 8th Annual American Red Cross Blood Drive, school tours, open houses, local scholarships in multiple school districts, and multiple youth sports programs.

Barrett Paving employees are invited to assist in community efforts, with almost half of its employees logging in more than 275 total donated hours in a given year.

“We are involved in many events throughout the year,” Dicob said. “We try to do the best we can, and I believe we are successful. The image of Barrett Paving out there is positive, people recognize Barrett as being a good company that is willing to give back.”

One of Barrett’s outreach projects in years past has been to assist Habitat for Humanity, a program the company actively supports — whether it’s providing sub base for a new home being built or supplying asphalt mix for the driveway. “It’s a great organization and we love to be a part of it,” Dicob said.

“Being a good neighbor and a well-known volunteer organization within the community can only assist Barrett Paving in building its reputation and reaching its financial goals each year”, Dicob said.

“The more we can do in the community and the more people recognize who we are, makes for good business,” Dicob said.’”

One of the economic driving forces in the region is nearby U.S. Army base Fort Drum. Dicob said Barrett Paving has actively supported the base and its needs for years through such programs as Adopt-a-Platoon, a volunteer non-profit organization that supports deployed U.S. service members throughout the world by sending cards, letters, and care packages.

Barrett Paving has participated in the Festival of Trees for five years as a fun way to celebrate the Christmas season. More than 50 trees are seasonally decorated and a host of family activities take place throughout the weekend. Musical performances, a gala with a live auction and dinner, and the Sugarplum Ball father-daughter dance are some of the highlights, with proceeds supporting Samaritan Medical Center and the Watertown Family YMCA.

In addition, this is the second year Barrett Paving opened its doors and hosted an open house at the future Port Leyden location, situated near the company’s Boonville Plant and Quarry in Lewis County. Barrett Paving began mining the Port Leyden site in 2010 and is in the beginning stages of building the site to eventually replace the existing Boonville Plant and Quarry.

The company is currently blasting aggregate and then transferring it to the Boonville location to be crushed. Neighbors and customers were allowed to visit the location, ask questions, and understand the effects of the new site, which in the future will allow for more reclamation.

“I believe it’s important to give back and be involved in community events when possible,” Dicob said.


Silver Star Construction Co. Inc.
Moore, Oklahoma

Silver Star Food CollectionSilver Star Construction’s operations sit in the center of Moore, Okla., which happens to lie in the heart of “tornado alley.” The company’s commitment to its surrounding community is vast and the company seems to redouble its effort when a new need comes to its attention. Two powerful Category F-5 tornadoes have come through the town in recent years, with one of the most devastating tornadoes touching down in May 2013.

Silver Star also holds Moore’s contract as the street department, so when it had to clean up after the destructive 2013 tornado, company employees witnessed firsthand the massive ruin and seized the opportunity to help.

“We are fortunate that we have some really good employees who want to help and an office staff that gets together and wants to be involved,” said Craig Parker, Executive Vice President of Silver Star Construction.

Silver Star has a member on the board of Rebuilding Together, a county organization that identifies low-income, elderly families who can no longer care for the maintenance of their homes in the Oklahoma City metro area. Rebuilding Together then pairs them with companies like Silver Star to contribute the volunteers and supplies.

The goal of the project is to make the home “weather proof, safe, and secure, so elderly families get funding and get the volunteers together fora big workday once a year,” Parker said.

This year’s project helped rebuild the home of a U.S. veteran and his wife, whose house incurred tornado damage that wasn’t completely covered by homeowners insurance. In addition, the home was badly in need of a facelift. The house was scraped and repainted, and wind-damaged fence panels were taken down and replaced.

“The owners returned as we were cleaning up,” Parker said. “They were both overjoyed with the work that had been completed and had tears in their eyes.”

Silver Star’s social outreach sends the message that it is in touch with its neighbors, and willing and able to help whenever possible.

“It brings an awareness to the community,” Parker said. He also said it brings other tangible benefits, such as increased business and increased employee morale.

“Anytime you get your company name and company logo out there in front of everybody, name recognition goes a long way,” Parker said.

But he added that helping the community is as good for the employees as those they are helping.

“It brings the employees together and gives them a purpose other than just getting a job done,” he added.

Silver Star’s participation in the Santa Express project also helped many of the families displaced by the 2013 tornado. Some were still living in hotels, while struggling to rebuild their homes and put their lives back in order.

Toys were collected, and bake sales helped raise funds to buy additional toys and necessary items for these families.

“We try to adopt a few of these families,” Parker said. “At our annual company Christmas party we encourage folks to bring a children’s gift to the party. If they do, their name goes into a hat, and they may win extra vacation days.” 

The company’s annual food drive is always a fun project for Silver Star, as employees challenge each other to fill up a room with the donated food items to benefit the regional food bank. In 2014, the company set a record collecting 600 pounds of food.

“It gets the group together and really promotes the food drive inside the company, getting folks to bring in as much food as possible to the office.” Parker said. “It’s always fun.”

Other projects included Holiday Mail for Heroes in which cards were written and mailed to U.S. veterans, especially those with no family. The Mission Norman project built homes for the homeless, and Silver Star performed and donated the soil stabilization for the task.

Through all of these projects, Parker said employees “get a lot more out of it than they put into it. It’s very rewarding.”

The company has started a formal office committee to handle its growing volunteer efforts. There is an official chair, employees bring new volunteer endeavors to the table and everyone gets to vote on them, Parker said.


Tilcon New York Inc., an Oldcastle Materials Co.
Wharton, New Jersey

CI1-TilconNY-HamburgSchoolFor Tilcon New York Inc., an Oldcastle Materials Co., being hands-on in the local community has intertwined with its company philosophy for so many years now that it has become a part of its corporate culture.

“As a company you have to proactively reach out to residents, schools, government bodies, and organizations to keep the lines of communication open and make it very accessible for outside sources to stay in touch with the company,” said Karen Edgar, Public Relations Manager for Tilcon New York. “It allows the company to stay highly reputable and valued by its surrounding communities.”


With roughly 700 employees many of them are involved in volunteering in different charitable event throughout the year between Tilcon NY and NJ facilities. Tilcon was able to participate in 17 community events this past year. The community involvement events were varied: open houses, student and scout tours, local fire and rescue support training programs, material supplies to Habitat for Humanity, in-school presentations, and fundraisers.

Edgar highlighted the importance of keeping the community informed and what it aims to achieve. She said it helps avoid any problems down the road and positively impacts Tilcon as a whole.

“Tilcon’s relationship with the community has a huge impact on the bottom line,” Edgar said. “Our open communication standards allow us to keep our surrounding residents informed so they can get a better understanding of our industry and the work that we do on a daily basis.”

A highlight of Tilcon New York’s community outreach is its annual Earth Day celebration at nearby Catherine A. Dwyer elementary school in Rockaway Township. Now in its fifth year, second graders began their Earth Day events with an arts and crafts segment followed by a visit from live reptiles from Rizzo’s Reptiles. Students were able to touch and feel snakes, beetles, toads, a chinchilla, a crocodile, and even a python snake.

The day finished with a presentation from Brad Carroll, Tilcon’s Plant Manager from the Mt. Hope Quarry. He discussed the history and geology of the land, and the wildlife habitat living on the quarry’s property.

“Throughout the presentation, the students asked great questions and were very interested in the process, even at such a young age,” Edgar said.


Other community events throughout the year included Tilcon’s third annual Spring Cleanup, this time focusing on cleaning debris and litter from Casper Hill Road. It was in conjunction with the non-profit environmental group “Keep Rockland Beautiful” and was part of the nationwide “Great American Clean Up.”

Local U.S. Congressman Rodney P. Frelinghuysen (R-N.J.) visited Tilcon’s Mt. Hope facility in September. He was provided a presentation and overview of the company and then toured the quarry, asphalt, recycling and quality control lab. At the end of his visit, questions were fielded about federal transportation funding and its relationship to construction.

Nyack Hospital’s Blow Away Breast Cancer 5K Walk took place in October, and a team of runners and walkers from Tilton New York participated. James Fischetti, Billing Analyst from Tilcon’s West Nyack office, finished fourth overall despite steep hills making it a challenging event.

Each year cadets from the West Point Military Academy take their annual geology field trip and tour Tilcon’s Tomkins Cove and Haverstraw quarries. They learn how stone is quarried and transported, and are able to see firsthand the mining pit and Ramapo Fault that runs through the quarry.

Each community effort adds up for Tilcon New York as it strives to be an active member of its community, to lend a hand when needed, and to support many causes on an annual basis.

“The success of our business relies on our relationship and communication with the residents of the communities that surround our facilities,” Edgar said. “We assist in any way we can by providing materials and equipment on a moment’s notice in the event of a local disaster and by maintaining close communications with the local fire and police department.”