2014 Outstanding Brochure

This award goes to outstanding company brochures published to promote the asphalt industry.  Read more about this outstanding brochure in the September/October 2015 edition of Asphalt Pavement.



L.L. Pelling Co. Inc.
North Liberty, Iowa
Iowa Rides on Us

2014-BR1-LL Pelling-Front Cover page

L.L. Pelling faces some stiff competition when it comes to selling ashalt in the state of Iowa: concrete. 

Iowa is home to Iowa State University, which houses the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center (CP Tech Center), a national hub for concrete pavement research. The CP Tech Center acts as a powerhouse, allowing concrete to keep a firm grasp on the state’s paving business.

“They have a very strong hold in the industry over here,” said Brett Finnegan, L.L. Pelling Co. Vice President. “That industry is our main competition.”

In an effort to wedge its way into some of the concrete market, L.L. Pelling decided it was a good idea to have a leave-behind when meeting with perspective clients or when presenting their services out in the marketplace. The company created a 6-page color brochure, “Iowa Rides on Us,” outlining the advantages of asphalt so it can be taken into consideration as an alternative to concrete.

“Our brochure really focuses on the benefits of asphalt through pictures and facts, and it also lists all our other services as well,” said Carrie Diaz, Marketing Representative for L.L. Pelling Co. Information in the brochure is backed up with statistical data to show how asphalt is an asset and to explain the company’s commitment to safety. It also lists references, and details the company’s honors and awards.

LL Pelling-More Than Just AsphaltLL Pelling-Products & Services


The brochure allows L.L. Pelling’s sales team to have a visual when making a presentation to its target audience — committee members, elected board members such as school boards or other council and association members, state decision makers and other business professionals. The brochure is meant to help increase asphalt business as well as the company’s other services.

“If you can bring in another job or two a year with something like this, it definitely affects the bottom line,” Finnegan said.

He added that he considers it a valuable “tool” in terms of selling the company’s services to the public. In addition to LL. Pelling’s asphalt plants in Coralville, Cedar Rapids, and Marion, Iowa, the company has divisions offering additional services.

“Ideally, we’d like people to go back to our website, guided there by the brochure,” Diaz said. “They’re getting a little taste of what we have to offer and some of the benefits.”

She added that the brochure helps seed the idea of asphalt in a potential customer’s mind, relating one situation in which a company agreed to consider asphalt and L.L. Pelling as an alternative.

“We’d like to start a conversation about the brochure and have our target audience ask questions about what they’ve read in there,” Diaz said.

Finnegan said the brochure has been effective in terms of customers being given the opportunity to look at the material, compare and contrast information, and see what advantages asphalt may have.

“It gives them a little something they can take back to the office and take a look at — maybe not sitting down in a meeting with them, but they can take it back and ask more questions,” Finnegan said. “I think it’s effective.”