2014 Larry H. Lemon Quality in Construction Award

In 2013,  NAPA began recognizing the top general pavements constructed and submitted for a Quality in Construction Award.  Dubbed the Larry H. Lemon Quality in Construction Award, the 10 highest-scoring projects submitted for a Quality in Construction Award in the General Paving (less than 50,000 tons) category are recognized for their commitment to building high-quality roads.  


The award is named after Larry H. Lemon of Haskell Lemon Construction in Oklahoma City, who served faithfully on the Awards Committee for 18 years, before serving as Chairman of NAPA in 2010. Larry was instrumental in the creation of the rating system for the Quality in Construction Awards which require qualitative analysis using data and test results to determine the winners.


The 2014 winners and their projects, arranged alphabetically, are:


Clark Construction of Texas of San Antonio, TexasLHL30-ClarkConstructionOfTexas-BittersRoad

• Work on Bitters Road, located just north of San Antonio, from 281 West to Tomahawk Trail. The road configuration varies on this busy section of Bitters Road, as it contains retail businesses, restaurants, and entertainment venues along its path.


John R. Jurgensen of Cincinnati, OhioLHL34-JohnRJurgensen-ODOT253-13EastFork

• Work on East Fork State Park bikepath in Clermont County, Ohio. The project, completed in October 2013, involved constructing a 0.63-mile path under tight construction limits that made accessing the work site difficult and kept clearing and grubbing to a minimum. The project entailed 17,000 cubic yards of excavation and embankment, construction of a 6-foot by 6-foot concrete box culvert, cement-stabilized subgrade, aggregate base, and two asphalt course overlays.


Knife River Materials, Northern Minnesota of Bemidji, Minn.LHL19-KnifeRiver-Hwy21

• Work on Barnes County Highway 21, just north of Valley City, N.D. The roughly 11.5-mile full-depth mill and overlay project used more than 20,000 tons of asphalt. The scope of the project included about 30 asphalt patches, .75-inch milling, and then two inches of reclaimed asphalt pavement surface on top.


Northeast Asphalt of Greenville, Wis.LHL50-NortheastAsphalt-STH45

• Work on State Trunk Highway (STH) 45 in Monico, Wis., a heavily-traveled thoroughfare to the Three Lakes, Eagle River, and Chain Lake recreational areas. A unique provision added to the contract by the road’s owner, the Wisconson Department of Transportation, required surfaces to be paved within 48 hours of milling operations.


Pennsy Supply Inc., an Oldcastle Materials Co., of Pittston, Penn.LHL8-PennsySupply-SR611

• Work milling and resurfacing SR 611 in Mount Pocono, Penn. This five-mile stretch of road was in poor condition prior to the start of the project. The road was first milled and then almost 2,000 tons of a .5-inch thick leveling course was placed. The 1.5-inch thick surface overlay needed close to 5,000 tons of asphalt to complete the lift.


The Shelly Co., an Oldcastle Materials Co. of Findlay, OhioLHL41-TheShellyCo-CityofLima

• Work on City of Lima including all of West and Elizabeth Street in Lima, Ohio. The mill and overlay project required modifying the two-lane, one-way traffic roadway to a one-way traffic pattern with angled parking.


The Shelly Co., an Oldcastle Materials Co. of Thornville, OhioLHL69-TheShellyCompany-Licking-MartinsburgRd

• Work on Martinsburg Road in St. Louisville, Ohio. The overlay project took place on a very hilly and curvy rural road with an existing pavement structure badly in need of repair.



LHL65-TheShellyCompany-GalliaCntyCR35-JacksonPike Work on Gallia County-Jackson Pike (CR 35) in Gallipolis, Ohio. This stretch of road endures heavy, repeated truck traffic from the Ohio Department of Transportation’s vehicles, as the department’s garage is located on this segment, between SR 160 and just past Mitchell Road. The old pavement contained severe rutting along both eastbound and westbound lanes, which was attributed to several traffic accidents.



LHL72-TheShellyCompany-ODOT12414ADA-41Work on State Routes 32, 41, and 124 in Peebles, Ohio. This 9.3-mile portion of the roadway in Adams County needed a fresh overlay, which took place simultaneously to the city’s new sewer installation that had nearly the same completion date.




LHL74-TheShellyCompany-415-14GalliaThe project included minor rehabilitation of 20.76 miles of roadway on three separate rural roads. Overall pavement density achieved was 94.2. The mill and overlay work began with 5.21 miles of the first road, SR 7, just beyond the town of Crown City, Ohio. The second road, SR 325, started just north of the town of Rio Grande and extended 7.26 miles south to Nebo Road. The third road was SR 141, from SR 775 heading west to SR 223.