NAPA EPD Program

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Watch this video to learn more about how Emerald Eco-Label, NAPA's verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) tool, makes it easy to quantify the environmental impact of an asphalt mix.



NAPA's Verified EPD Tool

NAPA Verified EPD logoThe green construction market is entering a new era with a focus on product transparency. As a result, green construction rating systems, such as LEED v4, Greenroads, INVEST, and Envision are increasingly structuring credits that encourage the use of products with life-cycle information communicated through Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) or that demonstrate through life-cycle assessment (LCA) a reduced environmental impact. V2.0 of the Emerald Eco-Label EPD tool gives a contractor's customer the ability to earn 1 point for the EPD LEED credit. NAPA is working to modify the tool to maximize LEED credits with a future version of Emerald Eco-Label. To get started with the Emerald Eco-Label tool, contact Kelly Kanaras, Director of Awards & Marketing.


Program Goal and Objectives

The goal of the Emerald Eco-Label Program is to provide comprehensive and credible environmental data to customers (engineers, architects, specifiers, users, and producers). EPDs published through NAPA's program will allow decision makers to make informed comparisons among asphalt mixtures and ingredients, with the goal of improving the environmental impact of asphalt pavements.


Program Details

The Emerald Eco-Label EPD tool is a North American EPD program for asphalt pavement mixtures. The program was developed in conformance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804, which establishes principles and procedures for developing Type III environmental declaration program and transparently describes the potential environmental impacts of the described product during the identified stages.


An Emerald Eco-Label, NAPA verified EPD is a registered report that provides valuable, verifiable, and comparable information about the environmental performance of products in the asphalt industry.


For more detailed information regarding the NAPA EPD program and how it is operated, consult the General Program Instructions.


Program Contact:
For more information about the Emerald Eco-Label program, contact Kelly Kanaras, Director of Awards & Marketing.