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Diamond Paving Commendation Instructions

Diamond Paving Commendation



The Diamond Paving Commendation is made to a specific company district/regional office based at one location. For companies having multiple offices or locations for paving operations, each office or location must submit its own Paving Diamond Commendation application and qualify on its own merits.

In order for the company district/regional office to be recognized at NAPA’s Annual Meeting, nominations must be completed by no later than October 31.  

Participation and renewal
Participation is voluntary and is on an annual basis. Each company district/regional office may be submitted for the commendation every year, at the company’s option.

The cost of participation is $400 per company district/regional office per year.

Possible disqualification
Some questions on the self-assessment deal with aspects of company district/regional office operations that are felt to be crucial. A “No” answer to any such question is treated as automatic disqualification. 

Get Started 
To apply for the Diamond Paving Commendation, you must 


    If you are processing a renewal application, the web page will display a message stating, “Looking up paving site history”. Once the database search is complete, click on “View History/Renewal Status.” A pop-up box will appear listing your plants and the type of renewal that is due. Click on “Renew” next to the plant name to begin the Diamond process.
    For a first-time application for a division/paving crew, click on Create New Application.

  2. Check the box next to “I have read and understand the instructions.” 

For each application you create, you must complete each screen shown on the Application Checklist. Note that you must first complete the screen called “General Information.”  All fields are required.     

Do you qualify?

Complete the forms
: All applications for the Diamond Paving Commendation are online. The forms ask a series of questions and results are calculated automatically.  You may view your score at any time by clicking on the “Start/Edit Form” button beside each form.      

Plaque information
: If you qualify, you will receive a handsome plaque (new applicants only) and materials to assist in publicizing your achievement within your community. The text that you submit here will appear on your plaque. You may order additional plaques if you wish at a cost of $250 each.

Accreditations and Verifications: The system will allow you to download the verification required for your application. You must print the affidavit(s), gather the signatures requested, complete all the information on the form, scan the completed documents, and upload them.  Certifications for technicians may also be required.  Certifications should clearly state their expiration date.  Scan certifications and upload them where required

Pay/Submit Application: Once you complete the application, the “Pay/Submit Application” button will become enabled. Credit card payment is required for all applications.


Submit a Photo: If you would like your division to appear in the slide show at Annual Meeting, please take the time to email a photo of a paving project completed by the division, or your paving crew to cmetzger@asphaltpavement.org.    


Contact the Diamond Assistant at the NAPA office.