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Diamond Paving Commendation

Diamond Paving Commendation 

The Diamond Paving Commendation recognizes, through self-assessment, a company whose paving crews demonstrate best practices that result in excellent product quality and ensure safety.


To read a flyer about the benefits of obtaining a Diamond Paving Commendation, and additional information about the training requirements, click here.


Best Practices in Paving Webinar Series - This webinar series is an ideal resource to help train your paving crew so that they can provide a quality pavement in a safe work zone. Companies can use this series as a train the trainer, or to meet the training requirements in the Diamond Paving Commendation for their entire paving crew. Copies of each webinar will be provided to all registrants so that you can use them every season with your new crews. Click here to learn more. 

To see a listing of training opportunities for the asphalt industry, click here.


  • Uphold quality of asphalt pavement construction through a well-trained, well-educated workforce that uses best practices.
  • Increase competitive advantage by further differentiating asphalt from other pavement types.
  • Give customers added assurances that a high-quality workforce is providing a high-quality finished product.
  • Reward top-tier contractors for operational excellence.
  • Provide a blueprint for excellence in paving practices by presenting measurable standards as guidance.

Commendation Structure

  1. The commendation is made to a specific company district/regional office based at one location. For companies having multiple offices or locations for paving operations, each office or location must submit its own Paving Diamond Commendation application and must qualify on its own merits. This Commendation will help paving contractors market their qualifications to clients/pavement owners.
  2. Qualifying for the Commendation is based on three areas:
    1. Training of crews
    2. Paving procedures
    3. Compliance
  3. Training of crews
    1. While it is essential that the company document training, such documentation need not be submitted as part of this application. Recommended options:
      1. Following any training, the effectiveness is recorded in the form of an assessment such as a test or quiz, the passing of which requires a minimum score or a demonstration of skill by the crew member.
      2. Training course attendance sheets are maintained to document participation of individuals.
    2. A minimum amount of annual training is required to ensure continuous improvement of the crews.
      The requirements are:
      1. Supervisors, equipment operators and truck drivers:
        1. Minimum of 20 hours total training per year, which includes online/classroom and onsite training, with no more than 10 hours of training being paving site training.
      2. Laborers
        1. Minimum of five hours of on-the-job training (OJT) per year. These five hours must include intensive supervision by a qualified supervisor or equipment operator.
    3. At least 80 percent of the paving workforce must be fully trained; i.e., 80 percent of supervisors, equipment operators must receive 20 hours of training, and 80 percent of laborers must receive five hours of training.
    4. The training can be delivered onsite via toolbox talks or safety huddles, in a classroom setting or through online classes, or in a combination of all three modes. The following five components must be covered and documented:
      1. Work-zone safety
      2. Site preparation and planning
      3. Paver operations
      4. Compaction process
      5. Quality control
    5. Training should be designed for all on the crew to understand basic paving principles and pavement quality.
    6. This type of training does not eliminate the need for certifications for technicians.
  4. Paving procedures
    1. Procedures include the use of best paving practices and quality control.
    2. The procedures correspond to the five training categories in paragraph 3d above.
  5. Submitting the application
    1. The self-assessment is submitted by an individual who is authorized to act on behalf of the company..
    2. In addition to the person submitting the application for the office or location, the application must be verified by at least two outside customers.



Contact the Diamond Commendation Coordinator at the NAPA office.


Apply for the Commendation

apply.gif The Diamond Paving program is open to all in the United States and Canada.
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