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Diamond Paving Commendation

Diamond Paving Commendation 

The Diamond Paving Commendation recognizes, through self-assessment, a company whose paving crews demonstrate best practices that result in excellent product quality and ensure safety.


To read a flyer about the benefits of obtaining a Diamond Paving Commendation, and additional information about the training requirements, click here.


Best Practices in Paving Webinar Series - This webinar series is an ideal resource to help train your paving crew so that they can provide a quality pavement in a safe work zone. Companies can use this series as a train-the-trainer, or to meet the training requirements in the Diamond Paving Commendation for their entire paving crew. Copies of each webinar are available on the NAPA store so you can use them every season with your new crews. Click here to learn more. 


ARTBA/NAPA Online Safety Training - Companies can obtain online, self-paced safety instruction specific to asphalt roads for their road crews. Click here to register. 

To see a listing of training opportunities for the asphalt industry, click here.


  • Uphold quality of asphalt pavement construction through a well-trained, well-educated workforce that uses best practices.
  • Increase competitive advantage by further differentiating asphalt from other pavement types.
  • Give customers added assurances that a high-quality workforce is providing a high-quality finished product.
  • Reward top-tier contractors for operational excellence.
  • Provide a blueprint for excellence in paving practices by presenting measurable standards as guidance.

Commendation Structure

The commendation is made to a specific company district/regional office based at one location. For companies having multiple offices or locations for paving operations, each office or location must submit its own Diamond Paving Commendation application and must qualify on its own merits. This commendation will help paving contractors market their qualifications to clients/pavement owners.


 Contact Director of Awards & Marketing Kelly Kanaras or Carol Metzger at the NAPA office.


Apply for the Commendation

apply.gif The Diamond Paving program is open to all in the United States and Canada.
Click here to start or resume your Diamond Paving Commendation application.