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Paving the Way: Asphalt in America

Table of Contents


By Mike Acott, President, National Asphalt Pavement Association


Chapter One
American Asphalt


Chapter Two
Roman Roads


Chapter Three

Chapter Four
Asphalting the Avenues


Chapter Five
The Asphalt Tycoon


Chapter Six
"Artificial" Asphalt


Chapter Seven
Hot Mixing, Raking, and Rolling


Chapter Eight
Attacking Asphalt With Tank and Truck


Chapter Nine
Lying Lightly on the Land


Chapter Ten
Asphalting the Mother Road: Route 66


Chapter Eleven
Paving the Way to Victory


Chapter Twelve
The First Asphalt Superhighways


Chapter Thirteen
Ike's Grand Paving Plan


Chapter Fourteen
Paving the Way to the Future