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Porous Asphalt Pavements


"Porous Asphalt Manages Difficult Drainage for BP Refinery"
Article in Asphalt Pavement magazine, July/August 2013


"The Summer of Porous Asphalt"
Article from the Asphalt Pavement Association


"Power Washing Restores Porous Pavement"
Article in Asphalt Pavement magazine, July/August 2012


"Tell It to the Marines: Porous Warm Mix Goes on Parade"
Article in HMAT magazine, November/December 2011


"Unlocking the Potential of Porous Asphalt"
Article in HMAT magazine, May/June 2010


"Permeable Asphalt Passes the Water Test"
Article in HMAT magazine, January/February 2010


"Contractors Embrace Porous Pavements for Sustainability"
Article in HMAT magazine, November/December 2009


"Thinking Green with Porous Asphalt"
Article in HMAT magazine, May/June 2003


"Asphalt: The Right Choice for Porous Pavements"
Article in HMAT magazine, September/October 2003


"Lenexa, Kansas, Tries Porous Asphalt"
Article in HMAT magazine, May/June 2005


"Porous Warm Mix"
Article in Sustainable Construction magazine, Spring 2012


Porous asphalt shows advantages for trail surfacing
Article in American Trails Magazine, Winter 2011


"Porous Asphalt by the Numbers"
Article in Material Matters magazine, Fall 2011


"Porous Asphalt Pavement with Recharge Beds: 20 Years and Still Working"
Article in Stormwater magazine, April 2003




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